Question:  I think my power adapter went out.  Is there a list of power adapters that I can use on my product. 

Answer:   Yes, please visit this page for more information on Lemax Power Adapters. 

Question:   Do I have to use Lemax adapters or will any 4.5v work? 

Answer:   It is always recommended that a Lemax adapter is used with all Lemax products, whenever possible, to avoid possibly damaging the item.

Question:   How many products can I power up using 1 adapter if I have 3 power plugs?

Answer:    The Lemax 4.5V, 1000mA adapter can power up to 3 Lemax items at the same time so long as the combined mA draw does not exceed 1000mA.

Question:   Some products will not turn on of fully work unless I use a single power adapter?

Answer:   If using the 4.5V 1000mA - 3 prong adapter and the total mA draw exceeds the adapter capacity one or more prongs may become inoperable to accommodate the adapters capacity.

Question:   Where can I purchase a power adapter? 

Answer:    Most Lemax retailers carry them. Please visit our “Where To Buy” section at

Question:   When did Lemax change their power adapters from 3-volts to 4.5-volts and why?

Answer:  Lemax switched from 3-volts to 4.5-volts between 2004 and 2006. The change of power source depends on product design.  The larger power adapter allows for additional moving parts and lights.

Question:   What if my products were made before 2006 and require a 3-volt power adapter?

Answer:    Acquiring a universal 3-volt adapter suitable to your unit’s mA would be appropriate.  Unfortunately, Lemax no-longer sells these power adapters.  Please visit a local hobby store for a 3-volt power adapter. 

Question:   Can I purchase a product in the United States and will it work in Europe?

Answer:   Lemax Products sold in the United States Market are sold for use in North America and would generally require a special adapter or different plug to be used in most European locations

Question:   What power adapters should I use for European products?

Answer:   In Europe… Lemax Item # 94564 4.5V 1000mA 3 Prong fixed plug Adapter or Lemax Item 74254 4.5V 550mA Single Prong Adapter or Lemax Item 94565 4.5V 1000mA 3 Prong Changeable Plug: EU & UK

Question:   Why is my power adapter hot and making a noise?

Answer:   It is normal to have a temperature rise to a certain extent unless it is over the limit addressed in the related safety standard. The noise level shouldn't be loud enough to be heard in case of switching mode power supply.

Question:   How do I know if my power adapter is not working properly?

Answer:   If the end product doesn't work, it could be the problem of the product itself or malfunction of the adapter.

Question:   How long should my power adapter last? 

Answer:     It really depends on how clean the electrical current is to the device.  Meaning, some electrical spikes in voltage can cause a power adapter to fail.   Lemax power adapters should last between 7 to 10 years or more.