It may be possible to acquire replacement component for your item.  Lemax does not stock replacement parts or components.  These parts would need to be requested from our factory. 

In order to increase the likelihood for a replacement part to be acquired we may request additional information such as photos and written descriptions.  Images will not only give us a clear understanding of what is being requested but also allow us to better relay this information to our factory. 

Depending on the circumstance a fee may be assessed for the component and associated shipping charges. 

To inquire about a replacement component, please submit a support ticket by clicking the “New Support Ticket” link at the top of this page.  All incoming tickets are reviewed and assigned to the appropriate team. Please allow 48 hours for acknowledgement of your inquiry.

For liability reasons we would be unable to provide mechanical or electrical components that require wiring in most cases.  

Our collectors have had success locating hard-to-find items such as this on 3rd party vendor sites like Ebay and Amazon. Lemax collectors have found assistance with local repair technicians and hobby shops that deal with similar electrical giftware.  Our best recommendation for repair would be to google hobby/electrical repair shops or technicians in your area. 

Please note that Lemax items that have been retired are no longer being produced and replacement parts are not available. In addition, Lemax would consider merchandise purchased on clearance/closeout to be considered “as is” merchandise.  Lemax would not offer any additional recourse at this time.